2021 Mabo Oration - Professor Megan Davis

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Professor Megan Davis, Balnaves Chair in Constitutional Law, delivered the 2021 Mabo Oration at the AIATSIS Summit on Kaurna land in Adelaide. Professor Davis discussed the legacy of Mabo and how the Uluru Statement from the Heart and a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution can deliver on the failed promise of the social justice package that was meant to accompany the native title response to Mabo.

"It is not a 'principle' of self-determination. It is a right of self-determination... Our inherent right to self-determination." - Prof Megan Davis

Prof Davis' Mabo Oration is a powerful reminder of the opportunity before us and what we must do now to realise the promise of a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution.

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The Uluru Statement from the Heart, issued to the Australian public in 2017, calls for a constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice to Parliament, and for Makarrata – a coming together after a struggle – through a process of treaty-making and truth-telling.