Developing a pathway and pipeline to Grow Our Own Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars, academics and staff is a vital element of our Indigenous Strategy. 


Australia-wide there is momentum towards increasing the numbers of Indigenous students and staff at university. State funding from the department responsible for Indigenous Affairs requires universities to set targets to increase Indigenous student and staff numbers. 

UNSW is successful in student enrolment because it is measured in its approach to recruitment and retention. Nura Gili pioneered the best-practice nationally to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are recruited and graduate. This includes a substantial commitment to pastoral care.

Research and university administration often require decades of hands-on experience for qualification including support for Indigenous researchers and recognition of service to the community. 

It is not easy to meet targets, and for this reason, UNSW has adopted a Grow Our Own strategy. PVCI will work closely with Nura Gili and faculties to ensure the increase of students and staff occurs at a sustainable rate and that we are “growing our own” Indigenous academics and technical staff.


UNSW Indigenous Pre-program students walk on campus

The other pillars of the strategy complement this by creating a supportive environment for Indigenous students and staff. Focusing solely on hard targets for recruitment of students and staff will not lead to substantive change in universities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A holistic approach is required.