Launched in 2018, the UNSW Indigenous Strategy represents our commitment to creating an environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, researchers and staff to thrive. Recognising the importance of Country, community, and culture, the strategy is first of its kind at UNSW.

Led by Professor Megan Davis, Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous, the Indigenous Strategy provides an overarching framework for Indigenous education, employment and research. Taking a whole-of-university approach means this strategic vision is implemented across all aspects of the University's operations.

Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab Opening, Smoking Ceremony

Culture and Country / Give Back / Grow Our Own

Our strategy is not only about increasing the Indigenous student body and workforce, but it is also about developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers and academics who will make an impact in communities across the nation. Further, it recognises the need to have Aboriginal culture and UNSW's cultural heritage more prominent on campus – with these initiatives grounded on respect for Country. 

UNSW has always led the way as a pioneer in Indigenous education and research – as well as in contributing to important nation-building activities like the Uluru Statement from the Heart  and will continue to do so in the future. The UNSW Indigenous Strategy, and its three pillars, builds on this history, creating a clear structure to help guide the future of UNSW.

Truth and Justice 

Truth and justice form the central theme of UNSW's Indigenous Strategy.

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Sand dunes motif

The sand dunes are a distinctive element of the cultural and environmental footprint of the UNSW Kensington campus. 

Each of our three pillars are like sand dunes, inextricably linked to the other.  Like the formation of sand dunes, if the wind blows across one dune, the structure of the other sand dunes is impacted and changes shape.

The blue sky represents blue sky thinking. UNSW is synonymous with innovation and has always led the way as a pioneer in Indigenous education, research, and social impact.












Aboriginal history of UNSW