Just as the integrated artwork Guruwaal draws upon the narratives and histories of the local Aboriginal community, these stories are connected to the knowledges of place and the deep histories of Country that are embedded within the community.  

The whale totem of the local mob reflects their heritage as saltwater people. These stories capture elements of the life and community of the Aboriginal people of La Perouse, and reflect their traditions and histories. 

These stories are generously shared by Aboriginal Knowledge Holders and Custodians of the area local to UNSW. They may be heard from the bleachers of Alumni Park, designed as a meeting place that brings people together from many places. 

Guruwaal Stories

Recorded at the La Perouse Museum, 4 May, 2022

Curation: Dr Peter Yanada McKenzie and Dr Danièle Hromek

Producer: Sonia Maddock

Audio specialist: Jim Atkins

UNSW Media & Communications: Indigenous Strategy - Adam Phelan

With thanks to La Perouse Museum, Randwick City Council