Expert Analysis of Indigenous Voice Co-design: What did the public say?

UNSW Indigenous Law Centre |  NAIDOC Webinar Series

A recent report, published by UNSW Indigenous Law Centre, found 90% of public submissions to the Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process support a referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

The expert analysis, conducted by three UNSW academics for the Indigenous Law Centre – Professor Gabrielle Appleby, Emma Buxton-Namisnyk and Dr Dani Larkin – also reveal one-third of submissions expressly say that they do not support the approach of legislating an Indigenous Voice.

This includes the express lack of support for legislating an Indigenous Voice with a view to pursuing possible constitutional enshrinement in the future.

Join the authors of the report as they take you through their findings on the public consultation process.


  • Professor Gabrielle Appleby, a professor of public law at the UNSW Faculty of Law & Justice and a member of the Indigenous Law Centre.
  • Emma Buxton-Namisnyk, a DPhil candidate and Clarendon scholar at the University of Oxford and is Project Manager, UNSW Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous
  • Dr Dani Larkin (Bundjalung), Deputy Director of the Indigenous Law Centre at UNSW
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