Nura Gili Workshop: Degree Planning Drop In

We will answer all your questions about academic progression; Internal Program Transfer; majors & minors; WAMs and ‘when can I graduate?’

Degree Planning Drop In

This workshop is aimed at any student (including UPP and UNSW Prep) who is unsure of their academic program and the courses they need to do. We will discuss: What is a ‘major’ and a ‘minor’ and when/how do I declare it; if I don’t like my degree can I change programs?; when I am close to finishing how do I know if I have completed the right courses to graduate? We will also cover the significance of a WAM and Academic Standing; how to use the UNSW Handbook and when can you get a credit transfer. This session will be interactive and responsive to the questions of students who attend. Students can drop-in for all or part of the session.

Open to all UNSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

TO RSVP - Email Lisa Watts  

The workshop is on Zoom. Use the link below to join.

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