Nura Gili Workshop: Motivation and Time-Management

Getting off to a good start and staying motivated

Motivation and Time-Management

Most of us have struggled with motivation problems and getting things done during the lockdown. Online learning and isolation can add another layer of difficulty for students. To get off to a good start and make the most of your studies in term 3, join us at this short lunchtime session and find out some strategies to help you manage your time well and find ways to stay motivated.

We will discuss things like: focusing on what you can change, not what you can’t; planning your time with a study planner; setting small achievable goals and acknowledging small wins; strategies to combat procrastination; self-care during lockdown; recognising the difference between low motivation and depression; when should I seek some professional help?

Open to all UNSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The workshop is on Zoom. Use the link below to join.

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