Accommodation VR Tours 

Step inside our colleges and apartments and explore the facilities with our VR interactive tours. Use your mouse to click and drag around rooms and experience the space like you're really there. 

UNSW has several different collages and accommodation options. There are also accommodation scholarships for Indigenous students.

UNSW Accommodation Tours

Basser college

Understand UNSW's Academic Calendar

Pack as much into your university experience as possible. The UNSW 3+ calendar structure gives you more flexibility to create a study plan that works for you throughout every stage of your degree.   

Make Your Studies Work for You


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Join one of Australia's leading universities, grounded by an Indigenous Strategy that understands the importance of Culture and Country, Giving Back and Growing Our Own.

The UNSW Indigenous Strategy represents a powerful vision for the future of UNSW and our commitment to creating an environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, researchers and staff to thrive.