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Our Indigenous Studies undergraduate and postgraduate programs are open to all UNSW students. For those undertaking a Bachelor of Arts, you can gain a major or minor in Indigenous Studies through our courses. 

The Major and Minor sequences are designed for students seeking to specialise in Indigenous Studies as either the central focus of a Bachelor of Arts degree or as complementary to another area of specialisation. Courses are available to students across Arts and concurrent Arts degrees and provide knowledge and skills that will be valuable across a wide range of careers.

All first, second and some third level Indigenous Studies courses can be taken by undergraduate students in any Faculty as General Education electives.

Nura Gili

Courses and programs

Gain a Major or Minor in Indigenous Studies within the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts, or take Indigenous Studies subjects as electives. 

Honours in Indigenous Studies is an exciting opportunity to pursue your passion, improve your career prospect or as a pathway into a graduate research degree, including a Master of Research or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Learn about PhD opportunities in Indigenous Studies with Nura Gili.