Nura Gili’s Balnaves Place, located on middle campus, houses our student and researcher study spaces. Designed for student collaboration as well as personal study, our state-of-the-art facilities offer a safe and inspired space for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 

Our Nura Gili Student Success Officers work to enhance the student experience of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enhance students at UNSW.

We can help you with questions, navigate any challenges you may be facing (including academic and non-academic), or connect you with other services within the University.

Arc is your student organisation at UNSW. From Clubs to Volunteering; Sport to Events; Wellness to Help; and heaps more, we make sure that your student experience is the best that it can be. Arc is run by students for students. It’s the hub for all student clubs and associations and student events.

UNSW Indigenous Collective

UNSW Indigenous Collective is an independent student-led body that welcomes and supports all Indigenous students at UNSW. The collective is dedicated to "sharing Indigenous perspectives, cultures and voices with the wider UNSW community". 

The student body strives to ensure that Indigenous students excel at UNSW without having to compromise their connections to culture.

Current president: Jayden Kitchener-Waters, Gomeroi.