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The launch of the new UNSW Indigenous Strategy, Education and Research website brings together the important work of the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous and Nura Gili to showcase the UNSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, improve the student experience, and highlight the progress of UNSW's Indigenous Strategy. 

Welcome to the new UNSW Indigenous Strategy, Education and Research website – the home of the Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous and Nura Gili: Centre for Indigenous Programs. The new website is the online destination for UNSW's Indigenous Strategy, research opportunities, Indigenous Studies, and is the hub for both Future and Current Indigenous students. 

Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous and Director of Nura Gili, Professor Megan Davis says the new website will be an important part of UNSW's online ecosystem, acting as a resource for the UNSW community and importantly as a new way to improve the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student experience. 

"I am excited to finally launch our new website. I know this will be an important resource for the whole UNSW community and will be a terrific platform to highlight our students' stories, our research achievements and the University's progress on the Indigenous Strategy," Prof Davis says.

"UNSW is uniquely positioned with our Indigenous Strategy and its three pillars - Culture and Country, Give Back, and Grow Our Own. Coupled with the well known and innovative work of Nura Gili, this website highlights an exciting future for UNSW and our Indigenous student and researcher cohorts." 

Rosina Baumann, UNSW Indigenous student, smiling

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Led by Professor Megan Davis, and working collaboratively with faculties and divisions, we strive to create a university environment where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples thrive and are empowered. 

Professor Megan Davis is the first Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous at UNSW.

Launched in 2018, the UNSW Indigenous Strategy represents our commitment to creating an environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, researchers and staff to thrive. 

Nura Gili: Centre for Indigenous Programs has a long and proud history at UNSW and remains a vital aspect of UNSW's Indigenous Strategy. 

Join one of Australia's leading universities, grounded by an Indigenous Strategy that understands the importance of Culture and Country, Giving Back and Growing Our Own.

Welcome to the student hub. Find out how we can enhance your student experience at UNSW.

UNSW is home to many leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars, researchers and lecturers. In the domains of law, medicine, education, mathematics and many more, our Indigenous researchers are making an impact for communities in Australia and the around the globe. 

Our Indigenous Studies undergraduate and postgraduate programs are open to all UNSW students. For those undertaking a Bachelor of Arts, you can gain a major or minor in Indigenous Studies through our courses. 

Learn more about the long history of the land and its peoples where UNSW now resides. 

Search through our teams recommended books, films and articles.

The Indigenous Law Centre (ILC) is an integral part of UNSW Law and Justice, with close connections to PVC Indigenous. Established in 1981, the ILC is the only Indigenous law research centre in Australia.